Two person go kart for sale


  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Color: blue, black, red, orange, customized
  • Loading weight: 200KG
  • Delivery: shipping


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We also produce and sell two person go kart for sale in addition to one sear go kart for sale. If you are interested in our two passengers go kart, please follow us to know more details.

More details about two person go kart for sale in Dinis factory as follow:

Capacity and area size: Two person go kart has two seats for kids and adults. So its capacity is 2 passengers, and its area size is larger than one seat go kart for sale. What is area size? Two person go kart’s area size is 2.16*1.58*0.97m.

Wights: For its wight, 2 persons go kart weight is 145kg. But for its loading weight, 200kg is its maximum limit. All in all, it is so durable that both children and adults play it together.

Fuel type and displacement: Our two person go kart’s fuel type is gasoline, and its displacement is about 270cc. Why to use gasoline to provide power? Because gasoline go karts have strong power and they will become more and more thrilling.

Horse power: After all two passengers go kart is larger than one seat go kart, so its horse power is more. What is the horse power of 2 person go kart? 2 seats go kart amusement rides’s horse power is about 9p.

Warranty: When you buy go karts for sale, you will want to know its warranty. In our factory, our two persons go karts amusement equipment’s warranty is 12 months.  If it goes wrong during 12 months after you got it, please contact us to solve. But, our go karts with 2 seats are manufactured by fiberglass, Q235 steel, aluminum, etc., so it is high quality. Then, it doesn’t go wrong easily, and please trust us.

Package and Delivery time: In general, we use bubble or plastic to package two person go karts. Next, we use shipping to delivery them from our ports to your port on time. Moreover, if you want to know shipping cost and delivery time, please contact us.


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