One seater go kart for sale


  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Color: blue, red, black, customized
  • Delivery: shipping
  • Applicable place: parks, indoor, outdoor, etc.


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Do you still find professional and reliable go kart manufacturer? Now, you find it, welcome choose go kart from our factory: Dinis. Our factory designs and produces one steater go kart for sale and two person go kart for sale.

Next, we will mainly introduce you one seat go kart for sale. Please read it.

Area size: Our one seat go kart ride’s capacity is 1 person. Besides, the area size of our one seats go kart for sale is 1.95*1.45*0.97m, which both and adults can comfortably sit on. Certainly, our go kart for sale is suitable for your indoor or outdoor go kart parks business.

Loading weight and weight: In general, one passenger go kart loading weight is 200kg. To sum up, children and adults can play our one seat go kart amusement ride in the indoor or outdoor parks. Besides, our one seater go kart’s weight is 145kg.

Fuel type and displacement: Now, we introduce you that our one seat go kart fuel type is gasoline, and its displacement is 200cc. Why to use gasoline? Because gasoline can provide its strong power, which will make go kart more thrilling and interesting.

Horse power: For its horse power, one passenger go kart amusement ride’s horse power is 6.5p. when children and adults ride on 6.5p horse power go kart, they will feel thrilled and excited.

Materials: Besides, our one seater go kart for sale is made of best materials. For example, go karts’ frame is aluminum or stainless steel material. And its sets are manufactured by fiberglass and plastic. Moreover, different parts of our go karts are made by different materials: aluminum, steel, Aluminum alloy, and so on.


All in all, our go karts for sale are high quality and its price is affordable, which is applicable for your business. If you are strong, we suggest you buy one seater go karts and start a business. Then, you will find you get a good benefit from go karts business.

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