Our factory is a professional amusement rides manufacturer with 20-year experience. With the development of our company, we have an feature service: amusement park design.

If you want to build an amusement park, please follow us to know our amusement park design.

Firstly, you must tell us your area size and your idea. For example, you hope you build an 1,000 square meters kiddie amusement park or theme park. Or you hope to build an 5,000 square meters amusement park for adults with many thrilling amusement rides.

designing amusement park with non-electric rides

Secondly, according to amusement park theme, we will help you to choose suitable amusement rides. If you build an amusement park for 3-15 years old children, we suggest you choose small kids amusement rides: carousel ride, bumper car, bungee trampoline, self control plane, kids ferris wheel, train ride, etc.

But if your amusement park is suitable for all ages, we suggest you choose large thrilling rides: pendulum ride, pirate ship ride, roller coaster, swing ride, disco tagada, cray dance ride, mechanical bull ride, large ferris wheel, etc.

Thirdly, after you choosing fairground rides, our professional design group will use CAD technology to design an amusement park. And amusement park rides location will shown in the 3D picture.

Fourthly, our production group manufacture all amusement park rides that you choose. Next, when our fairground rides are transported from our country to you, you can install them according to the 3D picture.

5000 square meters amusement park design

Fifthly, if you need our workers to help you to install amusement attractions, we also meet your requirement. Besides, if you have any question about amusement equipment or build an amusement park, please contact us.

By the way, our factory, Dinis, successfully helped our customers from USA, India, French, Indonesia, etc. to build an amusement park or theme park. Now, their amusement parks are more and more popular, and they get a good benefit from their new amusement park.

Do you want to know more details about amusement park design in our factory? Do you want to know our high quality amusement park rides details and latest price list, please feel free to contact us!