Our factory, as a professional and reputable amusement rides manufacturer, will provide you many services. Please follow us to know our services.

Free quote service

First, we will provide you free latest price list when you contact us. Certainly, we can help you to choose suitable amusement rides according to your budget. Besides, for your different business modes, there are small rides suitable for indoor or portable business. And we also provide you large thrilling rides for outdoor amusement parks business. Certainly, we also help you to pick up suitable amusement rides for different ages.

Customized service

Besides, our factory provides you customized service. How to customize amusement equipment in our factory? First of all, you can tell us your requirement and choose kiddie amusement attractions, thrilling spinning ride, fairground rides, etc. Then, you can  customize its color, capacity, size, style, logo, decorations, and so on. If you are interested in our customized service, please contact us.

Warranty service

Our amusement attractions have a warranty time. In general, our spinning amusement rides warranty is about 12 months. Certainly, different spinning rides have different warranty times. All in all, whatever problems you have, we will help you to solve in time.

After-sales service

The after-sales service is an important thing for you to buy spinning rides, kiddie rides. For our after-sales service, it includes installation service, repair service, technology support service, shipping time notification service, arriving port notification service, and so on. To conclude, we make sure that our services make you feel convenient and comfortable.

Park design service

Moreover, if you want to build an amusement park, our factory can provide you park design service. Then, you only need to tell us your area size, and our professional design group will use CAD technology to help you design an amusement park or theme park. In our CAD picture, you will see amusement equipment suitable for all ages and these funfair rides location.

In conclusion, whatever sizes amusement parks or theme parks you want, we can meet your needs.

My friends, if you want to know our services and more details about our spinning fairground rides, thrilling rides, kiddie spinning rides for sale, please feel free to contact us!