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Our factory, Dinis, is a professional amusement rides manufacturer, which has build more than 20 years. So you can trust us and choose our amusement rides without worry.

Why to choose us to buy amusement rides?

Strong factory

Firstly, we are a strong factory that has a more than 210,000 square meters factory. Besides, our factory has 300 workers to work, including amusement park design group, salesmen, producers, and so on.

Importantly, our company has many professional workshops, including production workshop, painting workshop, fiberglass workshop, steel workshop, installation workshop, testing workshop, exhibition hall, etc. If you are interested to visit our factory, we welcome you.

large workshop of Dinis company

High-quality equipment

Our amusement attractions are high quality. Why are our amusement rides high-quality and durable? Because we use best materials: fiberglass, steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, and so on to manufacture amusement park rides through many professional production processes.

Certainly, we also use famous brand safety devices, motor, paint, etc. All in all, our fairground rides are durable and high-quality, and you use them for many years.

professional painting workshop

More amusement rides

What amusement equipment our company provide you? There are all styles carousel ride, electric bumper car, battery dodgem car, trackless train ride, track train ride, ride on train ride, all styles self control plane rides, kids ferris wheel, large ferris wheel, all styles inflatable castle, teacup rides, all swing rides, pirate ship ride, disco tagada, pendulum ride, bungee trampoline rides, go kart, and so on.

Besides, our amusement attractions have cute popular styles, color, and all capacity. Importantly, if you need to customize amusement park rides, our factory will help you to customize funfair rides according to your needs.

Dinis factory price amusement park rides

Give you wholesale price

What’s more, amusement park rides for sale in Dinis have affordable price. In general, if you buy amusement rides for sale in our factory, we will give you wholesale price. Why? Because we have our own factory and we produce fun rides by ourselves. So we are so strong that we can gibe you a wholesale price.

Moreover, we usually hold promotion activities to reward old and new customers. To sum up, if you want to know our latest price list, please feel free to contact us or leave a message.

children indoor playground ride for sale with slide, ball, etc

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