Our factory designs and manufactures many styles amusement park new rides 2023. These amusement park new rides can be used in shopping mall, amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, children park, and so on. Now, please follow us to know these popular styles fairground rides.

24 seats Self control swan ride

24 seats self control swan ride is also called flying swan ride, which is a new self control ride designed for children. Our self control swan ride with has one flying swan on the top of central column and many flying swings on seats.

Besides, flying swan ride with 24 passengers will rotate at the speed of 5 circles/min. Thus, it is very safe for children. Importantly, our self control swan ride is an interactive amusement equipment that is suitable for children and their parents.

When little children ride on it with their parents, they will pedal to control it up 1.5m and down from 1.5m. Certainly, if children is so little that can’t pedal, we add hand lever to make them experience controlling funny.

Where can you use our self control swan amusement ride? You can use this 24 persons flying swan ride in amusement park, theme park, adventure park, carnival, Christmas, funfair, large mall, children playground, and so on. All in all, our dew design 24 seats self control swan ride is applicable for any where.

new amusement ride 24 seats self control swan ride for sale

16 seats new carousel ride for sale

Our factory still design new amusement attractions in 2023. For example, we design outdoor magic castle for children, new carousel ride with 16 seats, etc.

Next, we will introduce you 16 seats new carousel ride for sale.

Our 16 passengers new design carousel amusement ride has an attractive colorful appearance, whose is decorated with colorful LED lights, cute decorations. By the way, this new design merry go round ride for sale is popular among amusement parks in our country. It quickly becomes an “ internet celebrity” kiddie ride in many amusement parks or theme parks.

Fir its specification, 16 persons carousel merry go round ride’s size is 7*7*5.7m. Besides, its horse will up to 160mm, and its diameter is 6m. certainly, its speed is 4 circle/min. In addition, its color can be customized in our factory according to your favourite colors.

High-speed rail small train ride

Besides, high-speed rail small train ride is a new design amusement equipment in our company. As a professional 20-year theme park rides manufacturer, our high-speed rail small train ride is very high quality.

High speed rail train small ride has 18 seats. For train ride’s material, we use 5mm fiberglass material to manufacture high-speed rail small train ride for sale. Thus, its appearance is smooth and its body is durable. Additionally, its 18 passengers small high-speed train ride’s appearance is painted by white color, which is like real high-speed railway in China train station. Thus, if your theme park adds the train ride, your park will attract more and more tourists.

Certainly, if you need small or large rail train ride, we not only provide you high speed rail train ride, but also full size rail train rides for sale.

customized fiberglass material bullet amusement train ride

By the way, we also sell other amusement attractions that are popular with children and adults at home and abroad. Other amusement rides include watermelon swing ride, luxury swing ride, trackless train ride, ride on train ride, Thomas train ride, battery bumper car, disco tagada, pendulum ride, self control plane ride, and so on. Know more details and latest price list, please leave a message.