When it comes to amusement park flying chair ride customization, you must want tot know how to customize it in our factory. And what aspects of amusement park flying chair can be customized in our factory?

Now, we introduce our customized service, and help you to know what aspects of amusement park swing ride can be customized.

new design kids swing ride for kids

Different capacity amusement park flying chair rides can be customized.

Firstly, when you decide to customize amusement park flying chair in our factory, you can customize its capacity. In general, there are 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats flying chair rides for sale in the amusement equipment market.

Dear friends, if you need small one, you can choose to customize 12 seats, 16 seats. Certainly, if you want 20 persons swing ride for your children playground, our factory will help you realize. While, if you need large capacity, you customize 36 seats or more than 36 seats.

All in all, not only large capacity but small capacity swing rides for sale you went, we can meet your needs.

Customizing kiddie amusement park swing ride’s styles

Secondly, you can customize swing ride’s styles in our factory. Which styles can you customized? Certainly, you don’t worry, and we will give you professional advice.

For instance, you want to customize amusement park flying chair ride for kiddie, we suggest you customize giraffe theme, watermelon theme, lotus theme, Micky mouse theme, and so on. However, if you need to customize swing ride for adults, we suggest you customize luxury swing ride, sharking flying chair amusement ride, etc.

hot selling novel designs flying chair rides for sale 2023

Flying chair amusement park ride’s color customization

Thirdly, you customize flying chair amusement park ride’s color. There are many colors for you choice, including colorful, pink, blue, green, and so on. Generally speaking, our many styles flying chair rides has beautiful colors.

By the way, our swing rides for sale are manufactured by fiberglass. And it is drawn by Chinese famous brand paint through 8-10 painting processes in professional workshop. Therefore, our amusement park swing ride for sale is bright and durable for several decades.

Adding your park name on swing ride appearance

Fourthly, if you want to add your amusement park name on swing rides’ appearance, we help you realize. For adding logo, you can add it on central column of amusement park flying chair rides or its seats. Besides, you add not only your amusement park name but also your name, favourite pictures on its appearance. For example, you change picture of flying chair’s central column into your favourite landscape painting.

To sum up, our factory as a professional manufacturer with 20-year experience will help you customize flying chair rides according to your requirements.

Recently, we help many customers customize many amusement rides for their amusement parks, theme parks, mobile business, etc. These amusement park rides as following: carousel ride, self control plane, train ride, bumper car, ferris wheel, teacup ride, pirate ship, inflatable castle, jumping trampoline ride, naughty castle, roller coaster ride, etc. can be customized. If you want to know other fun rides customization, please contact us.