Maybe you want to know trackless train ride’ materials when you buy trackless train amusement ride. However, what is the materials of trackless train rides in our factory?

5mm Fiberglass train ride locomotive and cabins

Our train ride locomotive is made of 5mm fiberglass material, and its cabins are made of 5mm fiberglass material.

Why to choose fiberglass to manufacture trackless train amusement ride? Because fiberglass material is a high quality material that is very suitable for amusement equipment production. Then, fiberglass material trackless train amusement park ride has many advantages: anti-corrosion, water resistance, fire resistance, bright appearance, durability and so on. For example, if it is more rainy days in your country, we suggest you buy our fiberglass trackless amusement train ride for sale.

By the way, Many customers told us that they have used our 5mm FRP material electric trackless train ride for many years. And these trackless train amusement park ride can’t go wrong easily.

fiberglass cabins of electric trackless train ride for sale

Q235 steel trackless train ride frame

What material can we use to make electric trackless train ride frame? We use Q235 steel to produce trackless electric train ride’s frame. Why to choose Q235 steel to manufacture train ride frame?

Q235 steel is a durable steel that fits international standard. So we use it to manufacture our trackless train frame, our trackless train fairground ride is durable very much. Besides, Q235 steel frame isn’t easily getting rusty. Thus, Q235 steel trackless electric train ride can’t go wrong for many years.

Antiseptic Wood or aluminum checked material floor

For trackless train ride’s floor, we use antiseptic wood material or aluminum checked material to manufacture our train ride floor.

As usual, you will worry about that wooden floor of electric train trackless ride will wet and damage if it encounters water in rainy day. But, if you use our trackless electric train ride with antiseptic wood material floor, the train won’t be damaged.

Certainly, if you don’t like wooden material floor, we can change its floor from wooden material to aluminum checked material. To sum up, our trackless train ride floor is high-quality and durable.

Dinis factory price train amusement ride with aluminum floor

In addition to above mentioned materials, we also use best materials trackless train accessories, such as vacuum tire, lead acid batteries, Chinese famous brand motor, famous brand LED lights, and so on. Now, please follow us to know more details.

Different types Vacuum tire

We use different types tires. Mainly, the drive wheel of amusement park trackless train is 28*9-15 engineering tires, and its walking wheel is 600-13, vacuum tires. Thus, when you drive the trackless train amusement ride, you will feel it is easy to control it turn around.

Importantly, our trackless electric train ride runs not only smooth ground, but also mountain district, scenic area, and other places. To conclude, wherever you drive the trackless train ride for sale, you can drive it easily and conveniently.

vacuum tires of trackless electric train amusement park ride

Lead acid batteries

electric trackless train ride with lead acid batteries

Besides, our trackless train ride for sale is driven by lead acid batteries. What is the advantage of  lead acid battery? Lead acid battery can store more electricity, and it is very energy-saving. What’s more, the lead acid batteries can be charged easily and quickly. Generally speaking, you need to charge it about 8-10 hours, and it can run for a long time.

By the way, different capacity trackless train amusement rides for sale have different pieces lead acid batteries. If you want know more details, please contact us!

As you know our trackless electric train rides materials, if you want to know its price list, please feel free to contact us!