Maybe you want to ask us this question,“How to make a carousel horse in Dinis?”. Now, please follow us to know our production processes and production crafts about carousel ride in our factory.

24 seats factory price FRP merry go round horse carousel for sale

Designing carousel:

First, our professional designers use computer to design a new style carousel ride in the paper. All in all, design group must calculate carousel rides’ capacity, area size, horses size, horses layout, horses weight limit, color, decorations, and so on.

Producing model:

Second, our producers usually manufacture a model by 6-8 layers fiberglass and Resin glue. In general, our workers lay one layer fiberglass and lay one resin glue by hands. Finally, the model horse is about 5mm, so this is what we call 5mm FRP material horses.

Polishing carousel:

Third, carousel horse ride’s fiberglass material horses are polished by sandpapers. Why to polish carousel merry go round ride? Because polishing carousel horses can decrease its appearance’s impurities. Then, the merry go round’s appearance is smooth.

production processes of vintage carousel merry go round ride in Dins factory

Painting appearance:

Fourth, we start to paint carousel horse ride in our professional painting workshop. First of all, we use Chinese famous 3tree paint to draw its appearance of horses. What’s more, we draw colors through 8 painting processes by our painting workers. Next, they will put merry go round’s horses and decorations into 55 degree roasting paint workshop about 2 hours.

Welding frame:

Fifth, we need to weld carousel ride’s frame in production workshop. However, how to weld its frame in our factory? Notice, please listen to our introduction. We use full welding technology to weld its frame, so our merry go round ride is very sturdy.

Installing floor:

Sixth, we install carousel ride’s floor. Do you know what materials of the carousel horse ride’s floor? In general, carousel ride floor has two styles: 1.5mm Aluminum pattern floor and 10mm anti-corrosion wood floor. All in all, we use best materials to make merry go round floor in our factory with 20 years production experience.

Installing frame:

Seventh, installing carousel merry go round ride’s frame in our installation workshop. What is the materials of carousel amusement ride’s frame? Our carousel amusement ride frame is made of Q235 steel. Q235 is a high-quality steel that meets international standard, so merry go round horse ride’s frame is very durable and high-quality.

Installing motor:

Eighth, we need to install carousel amusement park ride’s motor. My friends, do you know where is the fairground carousel motor? Its motor can be installed in two places: top of the carousel ride and under the floor. That is called upper transmission amusement carousel ride and lower transmission carousel fairground ride.

Installing horse:

Ninth, carousel ride horse must be installed in this step. Our professional workers install carousel ride’s large and small horses one by one by themselves. Then, they will install these carousel ride horses quickly and carefully.


Tenth, our professional producers start to decorate merry go round equipment with colorful LED lights. Usually, they will add many attractive landscape paintings or cartoon character drawings on merry go round appearance. In our factory, you can customize carousel ride’s appearance with logo or picture that you like.


Finally, we will test the finished merry go round for sale manufactured in Dinis factory. When we sure that it doesn’t go wrong, the carousel amusement ride is finished fully.

All in all, our carousel ride for sale is manufactured by professional technology, so our merry go round ride is high-quality. By the way, there are all kinds of merry go round horse for sale, including sea carousel, vintage carousel ride, coin operated merry go round, Christmas carousel ride, animal carousel ride, luxury carousel horse ride, and so on. If you want to know latest price list, please contact us!