How to produce ferris wheel kiddie ride in Dinis? In Dinis factory, we use best materials: fiberglass, steel to manufacture kiddie ferris wheel rides. Besides, we use chinese famous brand paint to draw ferris wheel amusement rides. Certainly, we not only use best materials and paint, but also best technologies.

Please follow us to know about best materials and professional technologies.

Best materials to manufacture ferris wheel kiddie ride for sale

Using 5mm FRP material and Q235 steel to manufacture ferris wheel ride

Firstly, we use 5mm FRP material to make ferris wheel kiddie ride’s cabins and decorations. Why to choose fiberglass? Because fiberglass is environmental friendly material, which is best material to make amusement ride. Moreover, spinning wheel ride made by fiberglass is high-quality and durable.

Besides, we use Q235 steel to manufacture ferris wheel’s frame. So our children ferris wheel ride’s frame is sturdy. To sum up, our children ferris wheel amusement ride can’t be damaged in several decades.

children ferris wheel for sale manufactured in Dinis factory

To draw kiddie ferris wheel by Chinese famous brand paint

Then, we use Chinese famous brand paint to draw kiddie ferris wheel for sale in our professional workshop. How to draw it in Dinis factory? Sanding, priming, varnishing, cleaning dust, sanding, drawing first coat of paint, drawing putty powder, sanding, drawing second coat of paint, sanding, then painting third coat of paint, then sanding, drawing paint, etc.

To conclude, our ferris wheel ride is drawn through 8 panting processes. Moreover, children wheel ride’s colors are painted one by one by our workers’ hands. So you see our ferris wheel amusement ride’s appearance is bright.

Using professional technologies to make spinning wheel amusement ride

Roasting ferris wheel kiddie ride in 55 degree roasting workshop

Certainly, we use professional roasting technology to make spinning wheel carnival ride’s color bright. When the fiberglass material cabins and decorations are manufactured fully, and our producers put them in 55-degree free-dusty workshop to dry.

After being roasted in 55 degree free-dusty workshop, our kids ferris wheel ride is durable. And it has many advantages, such as anti-corrosion, Wear resistance, water resistance, etc. than common spinning wheel kiddie ride.

To use fully welding technology to weld ferris wheel frame

Furthermore, for our welding technology, it is our feature to produce amusement equipment, including kids ferris wheel ride, carousel ride, trackless train ride, and so on.

In our factory, we use full welding technology. Full welding is also called “full welding”. It means that all the contact places of the two work pieces to be welded together are welded. How to operate? When two steel plates of ferris wheel rides are spliced together, one weld is completely welded, which is full welding.

After welding, children ferris wheel carnival rides for sale also need to go through grinding, drawing or polishing processes. Thus, after full welding, the welding gap on kiddie ferris wheel’s appearance will not be visible.

To sum up, our kiddie ferris wheel rides for sale in Dinis manufactured by professional technologies are high-quality. My friends, as you know our production technologies and using materials, you can trust our ferris wheel rides for sale. So if you want to know more details and latest price, please contact us.