17 seats indoor ride on train

  • Type: trackless & track
  • Capacity: 17 seats
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Applicable place: parks, scenic area, etc.

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When it comes to ride on train ride, you will think that many people ride on the mini train ride to go sightseeing in shopping mall, farm, backyard, garden, and so on. In amusement equipment market, 17 seats indoor ride on train, electric trackless train ride, Christmas train ride are top 3 train amusement rides for sale.

Our factory, Dinis, designs and manufactures many styles riding train rides. Now, please follow us to learn about our 17 seats ride on trains for sale.

17 seats indoor riding train with track

Firstly, we introduce indoor riding train with track. This ride on train has a Q235 steel track, and train ride run along the track. In general, small indoor ride on train has 17 seats, including 1 seat on the locomotive and 16 seats on the cabins. There are 4 cabins for 16 passengers to ride on.

However, what is the size of indoor riding train with track? The overall vehicle size is 1950*530*510mm. And its locomotive size is 1760*530*650mm. Besides, its cabin size is 1050*530*650mm.

Moreover, for the riding train with track’s speed, its speed is no more than 6km/h. so it is safe for children and adults who ride on it.

For its styles, there are many popular styles for your choice. Thomas electric ride on with track, ride on steam train, ride Christmas train, etc. are suitable for your business in indoor amusement parks, shopping mall, and so on.


17 seats indoor trackless ridable miniature train

Secondly, we introduce 17 seats indoor trackless ridable miniature train. this ride on train set without track, and it has many small wheels. So trackless ride on mini train with 17 seats can freely run on the road of indoor places. Certainly, it also runs outdoor, amusement parks, resort, scenic area, etc.

In addition, this indoor 17 seats ride on trackless train for sale are driven by lithium batteries. Then, you only need to charge it about 7-9 hours, and it will operates about 10-12 hours. Certainly, its operating time mainly depends on its batteries’ number.

By the way, the size of 17 seats trackless ridable miniature train is same as riding train with track. Therefore, you can choose a suitable one according to your need.


Our factory makes all kinds of train rides, including trackless train ride, track train ride, electric train, vintage train, steam train, Christmas train, etc. Besides, we produce other kids rides: swing ride, bumper car, indoor playground, carousel ride, trampoline ride, inflatable castle, and so on. So knowing more details and latest price list, please contact us.

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