18 seats amusement bullet train ride for sale

  • Type: trackless train
  • Capacity: 18seats
  • Color: customized
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Speed: 7km/h

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With the development of society, our company designs one special amusement train ride: 18 seats amusement bullet train ride for sale. Why to design this one? Because high-speed amusement train ride’s design idea is from real China high speed railway.

Let’s go to learn more details of 18 seats amusement bullet train for sale.

Our 18 seats bullet amusement train ride is a train ride that runs on the track. So its main parts include locomotive, cabins, track, etc. In general, 18 seats train track ride has 1 locomotive with 2 seats and 4 cabins, and every cabin has 4 seats.

First, for its materials, our 18 persons bullet train ride for sale with track is made of 5mm fiberglass, Q235 steel. Fiberglass and Q235 steel are durable and high quality raw materials suitable for amusement rides.

Besides, about its size, its locomotive size is 2500*86*80mm, and its cabins size is 1890*90*80mm. All in all, 18 seats amusement bullet train ride’s appearance is attractive like a real train. When it is operating in shopping mall or amusement parks with popular music, children and adults are easily attracted.

Next, please follow us to know its speed, driving mode. In general, its speed is no more than 7km/h, and it will run on the track safely and steadily. And its power is 3kw. Due to its low power, our small track train rides for sale has two driving modes: battery powered and electric. Then, you choose a suitable one according your business.

General speaking, 18 seats bullet-head train amusement ride can be made into white as same as real train color. Certainly, if you want to other colors instead of white, we can help you to change its color into what colors you want.


If you want to build an amusement park indoor or outdoor, we suggest you buy amusement bullet track train ride or trackless train ride, 16 seats carousel ride, indoor playground, bungee trampoline, etc. These hot sale fun rides are suitable for amusement business indoor and outdoor. Besides, we design, manufacture, sell other equipment. More details and latest price list, please contact us to get.

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