27 seats sightseeing train ride

  • Type: trackless train
  • Capacity: 27 seats
  • Styles: sea, vintage, thomas, Christmas, etc.
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel

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27 seats sightseeing train ride belongs to medium-size trackless train ride. It is applicable for large shopping mall, scenic area, farm, town, amusement parks, school, carnival, Christmas, etc.

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Now, we introduce Dinis trackless train ride’s specification for your reference.

Main parameter: Sightseeing tourist train ride’s whole size is 16m*1.5m*2.2m, and its wights is 3.6 tons. Generally speaking, this style trackless electric train ride also runs at the speed of no more than 15km/h. Besides, its turning radius needs 6m or even more.

Cabins: For its cabins, there are semi-closed cabins, full-closed cabins sightseeing train ride. If there is more rainy days in your country, we suggest you choose full-closed cabin tourist train ride. However, if there is less rainy day in your country, you can choose 27 seats semi-closed train ride. Semi-closed cabins train ride with 27 seats is suitable for children and adults sightseeing.

Color and styles: In addition, our 27 seats sightseeing train ride for sale has different colors and styles for your choice. For instance, there are pink, blue, purple, vintage, colorful, white, yellow, red, etc. Also, this sightseeing train for sale has many styles for your choice. For example, you choose vintage style, sea themed, steam style, and so on according to your applicable places. Certainly, our tourist train amusement equipment with 27 seats has other decorations on its appearance.

Driving power: For train ride’s power, we use free-maintenance lead acid batteries. In general, our medium-size train ride needs 12 pcs 6V 220A lead acid batteries. These lead acid batteries are durable and high quality, and you only charge it about 8-10 hours. Then, you can drive 27 seats tourist train ride for sale about 8 hours. To sum up, the operating hours are judged by tourists traffic and frequency of using.


Dinis, As a professional 20-year amusement ride factory, manufactures not only 27 seats sightseeing train ride, but also 16 seats crown trackless train, diesel train ride, 24 seats trackless electric train, and other capacities track train or trackless train amusement rides for sale.

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