16 seats crown trackless train ride

  • Capacity: 16 persons
  • Materails: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Color: customized
  • Cabins: semi-closed, open, full-closed
  • Applicable place: parks, malls, school, backyard, etc.

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16 seats crown trackless train ride is a top sale attractive train ride in Dinis. It can run in the shopping mall, amusement park, children playground, school, etc. Thus, it is a good choice for you to start an amusement ride business.

Now, please follow us to know more details about 16 seats crown trackless train ride.

Locomotive and cabins: Firstly, this crown themed trackless train ride has 1 locomotive, 4 cabins. And every cabin has 4 seats. Its locomotive is a crown style and its cabins is painted into red color with many luxury decorations. So it easily attracts more and more children. Importantly, its cabins are made of 5mm fiberglass material, which is attractive and durable.

Size: Then, what is the size of the crown trackless kiddie train? Its overall vehicle size is 12.5m*1.5m*2.1m, and its weight is 1.8 ton. Besides, our factory uses 5 pcs 12V 150A lead-acid batteries as 16 seats crown trackless train amusement ride’s power. Due to Powered by lead-acid batteries, amusement trackless train can climb slope easily.

Speed: Certainly, maybe you want to know its speed and its safety. About its speed, 16 seats crown trackless train ride can run at the speed of 10km/h on the road. So it is a best tool to transport tourists for sightseeing in the amusement parks, shopping mall, seaside, and so on.

Turning radium: Besides, turning radium of crown themed train ride for sale is no less than 3m, so you turn it around in many indoor or outdoor places easily. What’s more, if you have an emergency when driving it, this train will quickly stop within 0.5 meters.

All in all, our crown trackless train ride for sale is high safety and high quality, and you can use it without worry. Furthermore, if you need large train ride or small train ride instead of 16 seats crown train ride, our company can provide you. As a professional train amusement rides manufacturer with 20-year experience, our factory will provide you customized service. More details, please contact us.


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