Elephant themed indoor train for kids

  • Type: trackless & track
  • Capacity: 12-16 seats
  • Composition: 1 locomotive + 2/3/4 cabins
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel

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Dinis brand Elephant themed indoor train for kids is a classic kiddie train ride, which is suitable for your children business in shopping mall, party, scenic area, resort, etc. Certainly, there are elephant indoor trackless train and elephant track indoor train ride for your choice.

Elephant indoor trackless train for sale

Our elephant indoor trackless train has one elephant locomotive and 3 or 4 cartoon cabins. So its capacity is 12 seats or 16 seats. After all every cabin has 4 seats, so if you want to buy 12 seats, you choose elephant train ride with 3 cabins. But, if you want one 16 seats, please choose our elephant themed indoor train ride with 4 cabins.

Our elephant themed kiddie train ride indoor has 5 pcs 12V 150A lead acid batteries. Generally speaking, you need to charge it 6-8 hours, and it will run about 7-8 hours if fully charged.

Besides, its locomotive, appearance, decorations are manufactured by 5mm fiberglass in our professional workshop. Besides, due to w use 8 painting processes to draw it, its color is bright and smooth. Moreover, it has USB or SD card to help you load many popular music. Then, our elephant indoor trackless train for kids has stainless steel door to prevent little children from sliding.


Elephant track kiddie train ride indoor for sale

Elephant track kiddie train ride’s capacity is 16 persons. In general, it has one locomotive and 4 cabins. And, every cabin is semi-closed, which is convenient for kids to go sightseeing.

As we all know, elephant track train ride is a small track kids ride, so its track size is 10m diameter. Therefore, when children ride on train ride with track, it will run at the speed of 3-7r/m on the track circle by circle. Then, children will have a good time when riding on elephant themed indoor train for kids.

Moreover, its track can be customized into other shapes: 8 shape track, B shape track, circular train track, oval train track, etc. If you need, please tell us your requirement when buying it.


Besides, if you want to purchase other capacities elephant train kiddie ride indoor, please contact us. Importantly, we not only manufacture elephant train ride, but ocean train ride, thomas train ride, vintage train ride, tourist train ride, ride on train ride, and so on.

Certainly, we also sell carousel ride, bumper car ride, self control bee, jumping kangaroo ride, bungee trampoline, inflactable bounce house, ferris wheel, teacup ride, trackless train ride, diesel train ride, ride on train, electric train ride, pendulum ride, and so on. More details and latest price list, please contact us.

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