24 seats electric trackless train ride for sale

  • Type: electric trackless train
  • Capacity: 24 seats
  • Color: customized
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Do you want to purchase popular train ride for your business? Please choose 24 seats electric trackless train ride for sale in Dinis factory. Our trackless train rides are specially designed for sightseeing in seaside, amusement park, theme park, scenic area, etc. When children and adults ride on trackless train amusement ride, they not only go sightseeing but also appreciate the opportunity to share a fun activity with their families.

Now, please follow us to know 24 seats trackless electric train for sale in our factory.

Locomotive and cabins:

Our 24 seats electric trackless train ride has 1 locomotive and 2 cabins. Every cabin has 12 seats. Importantly, our cabins number can be customized, and you customize 2 cabins, 3 cabins, 4 cabins, etc. Besides, cabins has different types: semi-closed, full-closed, open. Then, you can choose trackless train cabins according to your needs.

Weight and power:

The whole train’s weight is 3.5 tons, and its limit slope is less more than 3%. certainly, you don’t worry electric train trackless ride climbing slope. After all we use lead-acid batteries to provide electric trackless train amusement ride power. In general, our batteries are needed to charged about 8-10 hours, and trackless train carnival ride can run about 6-8 hours.


Then, listen to us. We will introduce to 24 seats electric trackless train rides’ speed. For its speed, 24 passengers trackless electric train for sale run at the speed of no more than 15km/h. In addition, it can be stopped within 0.5m when it has an emergency. Therefore, trackless electric train ride is high-safety.


About its materials, you must know that the overall vehicle size is 13m*1.5m*2.2m, whose locomotive and cabins are made of 5mm fiberglass in our professional workshop. Besides, its frame is made of Q235 steel and sheet metal. Additionally, trackless electric train’s floor is Aluminum checkered plate, which is durable and anti-dusty.


All in all, our trackless train rides electric are high quality and attractive, which is a best choice for your business. What’s more, we also design and manufacture other amusement equipment: carousel ride, self control plane, pensulum ride, inflatable castle, teacup ride, swing ride, ferris wheel, which are suitable for your business. More details and latest price list, please contact us.

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