40 seats electric train ride

  • Type: trackless electric train
  • Capacity: 40 seats
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Styles: sea, vintage, thomas, Christmas, etc.

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Large 40 seats electric train ride is one of hot sale amusement equipment in our factory. This large train ride with 40 seats, which is popular in scenic area, large amusement parks, outdoor parks, theme parks, children playground, carnival, Christmas, party, factory, etc.

Knowing more details of 40 seats battery operated train ride for sale, please read this introduction.

40 seats electric train overall vehicle size is 15m*1.9m*2.6m. In general, our 40 passengers train ride electric has 1 locomotive and 2 cabins. And its locomotive and cabins are made of 5mm fiberglass and Q235 steel materials. Moreover, every cabin size is about 4*1.8*2.5m, which is suitable for tourists to go sightseeing in scenic spot or large amusement parks. Certainly, you can customize its cabins size and numbers (2 cabins, 3 cabins, 4 cabins, etc.) according to your need.

What is the power of electric train ride with 40 seats? Its power is 12kw. Besides, it has 12 pcs 6V 200A lithium batteries, which will provide strong power for electric train carnival ride. Why to use lithium batteries? Lithium batteries are free-maintenance batteries, and you can’t spend more time to maintain.

When trackless battery powered train fun ride needs to charge, you only need to connect it with power supply in time. Then, if you want to charge it on night and use it on day, you worry that you can’t unplug the charging plug in time. You don’t worry. Because our charger has a protection function, as the train is fully charged, it will automatically power off.

Additionally, how large room does a 40-seat electric tourist train ride need to make it turn? In general, its turning radius needs more than 8m. Then, its running speed is no more than 25km/h. When it run on the road with popular music, children and adults will be attracted.

Moreover, if you need diesel style train ride, our factory also provides you 40 seats diesel train for sale. For different styles, there are diesel train ride, tourist train ride, vintage train ride, trackless train ride, track train ride, Christmas train. For different capacities, there are 16 seats, 24 seats, 27 seats, 40 seats, 56 seats, 70 seats, and so on.


Importantly, as a professional factory, we also manufacture and sell other amusement rides, including carousel ride, swing ride, bumper car, self-control plane, teacup ride, ferris wheel, etc. Knowing more details and latest price list, please contact us.

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