40 seats diesel train for sale

  • Type: diesel trackless train
  • Capacity: 40 seats
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.
  • Styles: sea, vintage, thomas, Christmas, etc.

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Our company not only designs and manufactures electric train ride, but also diesel train for sale. If you decide to buy an amusement train ride for your outdoor business, our 40 seats diesel train for sale. Why is it suitable for your business?

Diesel tain rides have many advantages, which is suitable for your business

First, our 40 seats diesel train ride’s locomotive size is 4*1.6*2.2m, so you can comfortably sit on driving room to drive it. Besides, our diesel powered trains’ cabins size is 4*1.8*2.5m, and tourists also freely and comfortably ride on it.

Second, our diesel train amusement park ride has 60L diesel tank. So you only need to fill up the diesel tank without charging it. Then, this diesel train ride for sale has a strong power, which will run at the speed of 25km/h all the time.

Third, 40 passengers diesel train amusement equipment has colorful LED lights, which will attract more and more tourists, especially children. When it is night, you will find that train ride with lights is an interesting scenery line.

Fourth, amusement park diesel train with 40 seats is made of 5mm fiberglass and Q235 steel. So its appearance is bright and high quality. For example, if this train trackless ride is it’s worn out somewhere, you only need to use sanding paper to repair it.

Fifth, 40 persons train ride has SD card, and you load popular music that children like in your country. As it is running with popular music, riders will feel ease and free. Besides, its music will make children notice it, and they would like to sit.

Sixth, diesel amusement park train ride for sale manufactured in our factory has semi-closed cabins, full-closed cabins, open cabins. Please choose suitable one according to your need. By the way, this cabins number can by customized into 2 cabins, 3 cabins, 4 cabins, etc.


Our factory, Dinis, as a strong and reliable manufacturer, will provide you customized service. For instance, you can customize diesel train amusement ride’s color, driving mode, capacity, style, logo, etc.

By the way, there are flying chair, carousel ride, track train ride, trackless train, kiddie ferris wheel, roller coaster, indoor playground, slide rides, bungee trampoline ride, etc. Knowing more details and latest price list, please contact us.

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