We have sold 16 seats carousel horse for sale in Canada, UK, USA, India, Australia, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Belgium, Africa, and so on. Our carousel horse rides are popular with children and adults at home and abroad. However, today we will introduce our customer from Canada buying experience and how to use 16 seats carousel horse ride.

In October 2022, one customer form Canada contacted us and bought one 16 seats carousel horse for sale. Then, he used it for many places in different occasions. All in all, he used it not only for commercial use in many places but also for personal use in house. In commercial use, he have got a good benefit, and in personal use, he and his children have a memorable time.

Where can he use 16 seats carousel horse for sale?

Using 16 seats carousel ride in carnival or Christmas

He have used 16 seats carousel ride in carnival or Christmas. When the carnival was coming, he went out to do a business by this carousel horse ride. Certainly, he told us he would need a trailer when he bought merry go round from our factory. Thus, he can do carousel ride business in any where freely.

16 passengers carousel horse ride suitable for your backyard

Certainly, he also used this 16 passengers carousel horse ride in his backyard. When he didn’t start a business, he installed the carousel amusement ride in his backyard for his children playing. Then, his children felt its magic and they were very happy as they sat this 16 seats carousel merry go round ride.

Merry go round ride with 16 seats applicable for shopping mall

Besides, if he wanted to do a fixed merry go round ride business, we suggested he would rent a place in the shopping mall. Then, he can make money by 16 seats merry go round all year in the shopping mall. He thought that it was a good idea.

This Canadian customer has earned more money by using 16 persons carousel horse ride for sale. Certainly, he also made his children have a perfect unforgettable childhood.

All in all, our carousel amusement ride for sale can be used in many places, including amusement park, theme park, school, carnival, Christmas, children playground, resort hotel, scenic area, mountain district, seaside, and so on.  If you want to know more details, please contact us!

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