Mini disco tagada

  • Capacity: 8 persons
  • Area size: 6*5*4m
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Speed: 0-8rpm
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Manufactured by 5mm fiberglass, mini disco tagada is a durable and high quality small kiddie ride. Our mini disco tagada ride, coin op carousel ride, mini pendulum ride is top 3 popular children ride in indoor fairground.

Now, please follow us to know more details about our mini disco tagada.

Capacity: Our small disco tagada ride is a small kiddie ride, so its capacity is only 8 persons. When children ride on mini tagada disco ride, they will challenge themselves and increase their brave.

Area size: Small 8 passengers disco tagada ride’s area size is 6*5*4m. If you want to increase tourists to go to your shopping mall, this 8 persons mini tagada disco is suitable. Certainly, if your children playground need new fun ride, the ride is also suitable.

Diameter and volume: Tagada disco mini ride’s diameter is 2.2m, and its volume is about 20 GP.

Materials: Mini disco tagada ride appearance is made of 5mm fiberglass, and its frame is made of Q235 steel. Certainly, its floor is 1.5mm aluminum checkered plate. All in all, our mini disco tagada ride is high quality.

Rotating speed: Tagada disco rotating speed is 0-8rpm. So it is safe for kids when riding on the ride. Additionally, when children sit it, they feel thrilled and interested.

Voltage and power: 8 passengers disco tagada ride’s voltage is 380v, but it is applicable for all voltages, including 110v-130v, 220v-240v, etc. Moreover, mini tagada ride’s power is 12kw.


In addition, our mini tagada ride for sale has music device and lights device. When it is rotating with music and colorful LED lights, children feel relaxed and funny. Certainly, it is also decorated with cartoon picture, which catches kids eyes easily.

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