12 seats kiddie ferris wheel for sale

  • Capacity: 12 seats
  • Color: customized
  • Area size: 6m*4mH
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Do you want to find a small kiddie ferris wheel ride for your business? Please look our 12 seats kiddie ferris wheel for sale. Our kiddie ferris wheel, coin operated carousel and ride on train are top 3 hot sale kiddie amusement rides. Thus, if you do a children rides business, please choose our 12 seats kiddie ferris wheel for sale.

Now, please follow us to get more details about 12 seats kiddie ferris wheel for sale.

Area size and height

Our 12 seats kiddie ferris wheel area size is 6*4m, and its height is 6.5m. So it can be used in indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Besides, in the indoor and outdoor playgrounds, our children ferris wheel ride always attracts more and more kids. Then, you will get a good benefit.


For its cabins, our 12 seats children ferris wheel ride has 6 cabins. 6 cabins include 2 blue cabins, 2 yellow cabins and 2 pink cabins. Importantly, every cabin has double safety devices: safety belt and stainless steel fence. Therefore, our kids ferris wheel for sale is very safe for children.


Different parts of ferris wheel kids ride are made of different materials. About kids ferris wheel frame, the frame is made of Q235 steel. Besides, its cabins are manufactured by 5mm fiberglass, and its decorations also are fiberglass material.

Voltage and power:

12 seats ferris wheel kiddie ride’s voltage is 380v, but it also suitable for 220v and 110v. Besides, its power is 5kw. Certainly, these parameter is a reference, more details, please contact us!


By the way, if you want to large ferris wheel or small ferris wheel, you can customize its cabins number in our factory. Moreover, if you want to add your logo on the appearance, we will help you to realize.

What’s more, if you need other amusement rides, we provide you carousel ride, bumper car, roller coaster, train ride, teacup ride, inflatable castle, pirate ship, pendulum ride, go kart, and so on. More details and latest price list, please contact us!

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