Do you want to buy kiddie amusement rides for sale for family? Now, let’s know more kiddie rides suitable for family together.

The following children rides are applicable for your home. My friends, please follow us to know more details.

Small 3 horse carousel ride

First, our small 3 horse carousel ride is a classical kids rides that is commonly used in home. If you want to buy a gift for your children as their birthday surprise, we suggest you buy 3 horse merry go round ride.

Our merry go round ride with 3 seats has a small area size: 1.5*2mH, so it can be put in any places of your house. Besides, 3 horse carousel ride will brings children magic and memorable experience. Then, your children will have a better childhood than others.

Importantly, there are many cute and popular styles: ocean themed, animal themed, European themed, etc. for your choice. According to your budget and style children like, you choose a suitable 3 seats carousel horse ride for your babies.

Riding train with track

Second, if you have a big backyard or garden, please buy a riding train with track. Why? Because riding train with track are suitable for children and adults, and it make you feel relaxed and funny. When you ride on the train ride with your kids, it will promote the relationship between your children and you.

In our factory, our ride on train ride’s capacity is 17 passengers, so your big family can sit on it together one time. Certainly, if you need a large or small capacity track ride on train ride for your backyard, we can provide you customized service to help you customize 12 seats, 14 seats, 20 seats, 24 seats, and so on.

Kids inflatable bouncy castle

Third, when it comes to popular kiddie amusement rides, our kids inflatable bouncy castle is on list. Kids inflatable bounce house is a necessary amusement ride for children in family.

There are many styles inflatable bouncy castle rides, including piggy peppa style, queen Aisha theme, animal style, forest style, spider man style, pirate ship style, water slide style, and so on.

How to choose? If you buy inflatable bounce house for your 3-6 years old kids, please choose piggy peppa style, queen Aisha theme, animal style, forest style, etc. However, if you buy it for your 6-12 years old children, please choose spider man style, water slide style, and other large size.

Children’s backyard roller coaster

Do your children like thrilling kiddie rides? If they like, please choose children’s backyard roller coaster for them.

If you and your kids like to adventure and like to find a thrilling experience, you can install a roller coaster ride in your backyard. In your spare time, you accompany your children to ride the backyard roller coaster, you will relax yourself from your busy life.

Which spinning roller coaster rides do we provide? We provide you caterpillar roller coaster, shark themed coaster ride, pharaoh roller coaster, penguin coaster ride for sale, etc.

Above mentioned kiddie amusement rides for sale are applicable for your house, backyard, indoor, etc. By the way, we will give you factory price if you buy these children amusement equipment from our company. Know more details and latest price list, please contact us!