24 seats double ferris wheel for sale

  • Capacity: 24 seats
  • Speed: 2r/min
  • Height:  7m
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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24 seats double ferris wheel for sale is one of new design kiddie ferris wheels in our company. In addition, fiberglass material double side ferris wheel ride has double safety devices. So it is safe for children when they sit it in amusment parks, carnival, scenic area, etc.

Now, please follow us to know more details about 24 seats double ferris wheel for sale.

Area size, height, volume:

24 seats double sides ferris wheel ride area size is 8*8m. Besides, its height is 7m, and its volume is 40HQ (12m). Thus, it is applicable for large shopping mall, outdoor amusement parks, scenic area, theme parks, etc.

Customized cabins:

Our 24 seats double side ferris wheel ride for sale has 12 cabins, and per side has 6 cabins. Certainly, you can customize its cabins size and number according to your needs. For example, you can customize 8 cabins, 10 cabins, etc. Additionally, these cabins color can be customized, and you can choose its color that you like.

Power and speed:

Double ferris wheel for sale with 24 seats’ power is 11kw, and its speed is 2r/min. So when it connect with electricity, it will rotate at the speed of 2r/min. All in all, children are very safe when riding on it to go sightseeing.

Package and transportation:

Firstly, 24 passengers double ferris wheel for sale is separated into many parts. Next, workers pack these parts by wooden box with bubble bag. Then, we will delivery ferris wheel ride by shipping from our country to your nearby port. To sum up, you can get it quickly and conveniently.

Warranty and lifespan:

Our 24 persons double ferris wheel carnival ride’s warranty is 12 months. Moreover, we will provide you lifelong technology support. So if you need our help, we still wait for your contact.

Certainly, our double ferris wheel is made of fiberglass and Q235 steel, and it doesn’t go wrong easily. In general, our 24 seats double ferris wheel’s lifespan is from 15 years to 35 years.


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