Portable tea cup ride for sale

  • Capacity: 24 passengers
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Speed:  1.8m/s
  • Voltage: 380v/ 110v/ 220v
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, indoor, outdoor, etc.

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Are you still worried about choosing the suitable amusement equipment for your mobile business? Now, we introduce you one amusement ride that is suitable for your mobile business. Then, this amusement ride is portable tea cup ride for sale.

Now, please follow us to know our portable tea cup ride’s details.

Capacity and volume: Our portable teacups ride’s capacity is 24 passengers. In general, mobile teacup ride for sale has 6 cups, and 6 parents or kids can ride on it together. Besides, its volume is 20GP (6m).

Its materials: Portable tea cup ride’s cups are manufactured by 5mm fiberglass. Moreover, its plate is aluminum material, and its frame is Q235 steel material. Additionally, its trailer is stainless steel material.

Applicable place: Importantly, our portable teacup amusement ride can be folded. So you can move it to any places, including amusement park, funfair, walking street, store outdoor carnival, Christmas, etc.

Voltage and speed: Our portable tea cup for sale is applicable for 110v-130v, 220v-240v, 380v, etc. in the word. Certainly, when it connect with electricity, this teacup amusement ride will rotate at the speed of 1.8m/s. So children and adults will feel thrilling and weightlessness when sitting it.

Package and delivery: How to pack portable teacup ride? We use international standard bubble and box to pack all parts of portable teacup amusement equipment. Then, it will delivered by shipping from our country’s port to your port near your home.

Warranty and lifespan: Portable teacup ride for sale has 12 months warranty time, but we will provide you lifelong technology support. Certainly, you don’t worry, and our high quality fiberglass teacup ride doesn’t go wrong easily. Generally speaking, its lifespan reaches 10 years. And if you maintain it on time, its age will prolong more than 10 years.


To conclude, our portable teacup ride for sale with trailer is high quality that is suitable for your mobile business. Besides, if you need other amusement rides for your portable business, there are small carousel ride, bungee trampoline ride, mini pirate ship, mini ferris wheel, and so on for your choice. Knowing more details and latest price list, please contact us!

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