Exporting mini pirate ship for sale to Spanish in April 2023. Our customer from Spanish told us when mini pirate ship amusement ride with 8-12 seats occurred on his children playground, many children can’t wait to ride on it. Then, his children park has more players than before.

Why is our mini pirate ship ride popular with children in Spanish?

Firstly, our pirate ship ride is designed for children, so its speed is not fast. And it is so safe for children. Thus, many parents don’t worry their kids riding on mini pirate ship amusement ride.

Secondly, our 8-12 seats mini pirate ship fairground ride is made of fiberglass material and drawn by Chinese famous 3tree paint. Therefore, its appearance is so attractive and bright.

Thirdly, mini pirate ship kiddie ride has many cute decorations, including coconut trees, sun, Christmas Santa, etc. Thus, when children see it, they will be appealed quickly.

Fourthly, 8-12 passengers small pirate ship rids only needs low investment fee, and it will bring you high income easily.

By the way, our customer has a good business in his park. Last moth, he introduced his friends to us, and hoped we would help his friend to choose some portable amusement equipment for mobile business in carnival, Christmas. All in all, they are very satisfied to our high-quality and popular kiddie amusement rides for sale.

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