In January 2023, we sell bumper cars for sale in America. One customer from America want to start bumper cars business. But he doesn’t know about bumper car rides’ details as a new hand.

Firstly, when he saw our website, he contact with us. Then, our salesman know his plan and budget, then introduces our bumper car to him carefully. In our factory, there are many styles dodgems car rides for sale: electric bumper car, battery bumper car, inflatable dodgem car, water bumper boat ride, and so on. Finally, he bought electric dashing car for indoor business.

Two months ago, he gave us a feedback. He told us that he quickly returned and earn more money from dodgem car rides business. In addition, he want to buy other amusement rides, such as 12 seats carousel ride, mini pirate ship, and inflatable castle to expand his business in the future.

Certainly, if you are a new hand like our America client, how to choose bumper car rides for your business?

Plan one: If you plan to do a business in square or outdoor park, you can choose battery bumper cars. Then, battery bumper car rides with 2pcs 12v 80A lead acid batteries can freely spin on ground of outdoor park. And children and adults can sit them to experience bumping funny.

Plan two: If you have rented a place to start dodgems car business, you should choose electric bumper ride from our factory. Electric bumping car is also ground grid bumper car that can rotate in a special electric floor. This electric dodgem ride is powered by electricity. So it has strong power for you to experience its bumping and thrilling.

My friends, if you want to know more details about our electric bumper car and battery dodgems ride, please feel free to contact us! By the way, we also manufacture and export swing ride, self control plane, inflatable castle, trampoline ride, trackless train ride, track train ride, and other amusement rides.

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