38 seats Double decker carousel for sale

  • Capacity: 38 seats
  • Speed: 5 circles/min
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Size: 11*11*11m
  • Diameter: 7.4m


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Have you seen double decker carousel for sale in many amusement parks? Double decker merry go round is a magic and funny amusement ride that will bring several families happiness. Thus, double deck carousel amusement ride becomes more and more popular.

Now, please follow us to know Dinis brand double decker carousel ride.

High quality: Our 2 layer carousel ride for sale is made of best materials: fiberglass, wood, plastic, aluminum alloy, Q235 steel, and so on. In general, we use 5mm fiberglass material to manufacture merry go round’s horses, carriage and decorations. Besides, carousel ride frame is Q235 steel, and its floor and stair handrail are aluminum. Thus, it is so high quality that you can use it for many years.

Safe speed: When it comes to the speed of double decker carousel for sale, many people think it is so fast. Now, my friends, you don’t worry. Dinis 38 seats double decker carousel ride’s speed is 5 circles/min. To conclude, it is safe for everyone.

Customized seats: Importantly, our 38 seats double decker merry go round’s seats can be customized. For example, you can customize 5 small horses, 5 medium horses, and 2 carriages on the lower floor. While, you also customize 9 small horses and 9 medium horses on the top floor. Certainly, if you want to customize seats shape, we also meet your needs.

Attractive decorations: Moreover, Dinis brand double decker carousel for sale had many styles with many attractive decorations. My friends, you can add your logo or name on its appearance. Or you can add cartoon images, luxury European pictures, luxury decorations, LED lights on this carousel horse ride.

Great carrying weight: Our double decker carousel amusement ride has great carrying weight. Generally speaking, one horse’s average weight is 70kg, and one carriage’s average weight is 280kg. All in all, children and adults can sit on one horse together.

Wide application: Double decker carousel merry go round is applicable for many places, including amusement parks, theme parks, adventure parks, scenic spot, large shopping mall, children playground, school, resort hotel, featured town, and so on.


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