36 seats carnival swing ride for sale

  • Capacity: 36 seats
  • Color: customized
  • Speed:  8-10 circles/min
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Warranty: 12 months

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There are 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats flying chair rides for sale in our factory. Our factory, as a professional and strong manufacturer with 20-year experience, still makes a progress on designing and manufacturing. For example, our new design 36 seats carnival swing ride for sale is behalf our strength and design view.

Now, please follow us to know details of 36 seats carnival swing ride for sale

Diameter and height: Our 36 passengers swing carnival ride’s diameter is 10m, and its height is 7m. So our 36-seat swing carousel ride is applicable for many big places, including big theme park, large shopping mall, scenic area, etc.

High-safety seats: Certainly, carnival swing ride for sale with safety belts is safe for children when they sit it. In addition, our seats are made of stainless steel and fiberglass. Moreover, our professional workers use full welding technology to weld its frame.

Easily-operated cabinet: It is easy and convenient for you to control this carnival wave swinger ride with 36 seats. Why? Because our swing ride has a control cabinet, which will help you to adjust its operating time, speed, open, stop, music, lights, etc.

Bright color: 36 persons carnival swing ride is painted by Chinese famous brand paint: 3Tree Paint, which is environmental friendly and non-toxic. So our flying chair ride has a bright and smooth appearance. Moreover, we put it in 55° workshop to roast, so its appearance is bright for many years.

Power and voltage: Carnival swing ride’s power is 13kw, and its voltage is 380v. However, it is suitable for all voltages all arounf the world.

Decorations: Importantly, our 36 seats carnival swing ride ‘s appearance is decorated with colorful LED lights. Besides, its appearance has beautiful cartoon image, scenery picture, or celebrity picture, etc. All in all, our 36 seats carnival swing ride for sale will quickly catches children eyes when rotating at the speed of 8-10 circles/min in fairground.


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