Where to buy indoor playground equipment? Are you still find a professional amusement rides manufacturer to buy indoor playground equipment? When you buy indoor playground for sale, you will think of above mentioned questions. Now, we introduce you a professional amusement equipment factory, Dinis, which manufactures and sells all kinds of amusement rides, including indoor playground equipment.

Where to buy indoor playground equipment? Dinis factory. There are some advantages if you choose Dinis factory.

High-quality indoor playground equipment

Our factory has 20-year production experience, so we choose best materials to manufacture indoor playground rides for sale. For example, we use 0.55mm PVC material, aluminum alloy, aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel, and other materials to produce indoor playground equipment. So our indoor playground equipment produced with 20-year technology are high quality and durable.

Full sizes and styles Indoor playground rides

Besides, you can customize full sizes and popular styles indoor playground rides in our factory. If you decide to start large indoor inflatable castle business in mall, we can provide you 15*6m, 18*12m, 15*8.75m, 18*17m, 23*21m, and so on. But if you start a small business, we also provide you small 10*5m indoor playground.

Importantly, these indoor playground equipment are decorated with cute decorations and they have many popular themes for your choice. Certainly, if you want to customize its styles, size, color, equipment items, height, logo, our factory will help you to customize through CAD technology.

Many items in our kiddie indoor playground

When you buy kiddie indoor playground equipment, you will know if less items in playground, children won’t easily attracted. So our factory designs many items for kiddie indoor playground equipment. It mainly contains items as follows: Trampoline ride, ocean ball pool, and gliding, wooden bridge, chain bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbine, cannon, air balloon, coconut trees, water bed, house,mini carousel, time travel, happy eight claw fish, water slides, inflatable jumping bed, mini wave devices such as turntable animals, and so on.

Perfect one-stop service

Dinis will provide you perfect one-stop service, and there is no third part between you and our factory. So you directly buy indoor playground for sale in professional and reliable factory, whose area size is 21,000 square meters.

Firstly, our salesmen will send you a free quote, and you can choose indoor inflatable castle ride according to your needs. Next, we will manufacture it quickly, and install and test it carefully in our workshop. Finally, we delivery this popular style naughty castle ride by shipping from our country to your nearby port. All in all, you can’t worry any things after order, and you only wait to receive this indoor playground in nearby port.

More amusement rides for your business

Our factory, Dinis, is a reliable amusement rides manufacturer, which has many styles amusement rides for your choice, including indoor playground, carousel ride, bumper car, trackless train ride, track train ride, self control plane ride, pirate ship ride, pendulum ride, ride on train ride, swing rides, teacup rides, ferris wheel, roller coaster ride, disco tagda ride, and so on. These amusement rides can be made into large or small types, and you choose suitable size according to your needs.

What’s more, our indoor playground equipment has affordable price. In general, we will give you wholesale price if you order in our factory. If you want to know more details and latest price list, please contact us!