12 seats jumping kangaroo amusement ride

  • Capacity: 12 seats
  • Voltage: 380v/220v/110v
  • Area size: 8m
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Warranty: 12 months

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Do you see kangaroo style amusement ride? Please look our 12 seats jumping kangaroo amusement ride, which is a kiddie jumping ride popular in indoor and outdoor amusement parks.

Now, please follow us to know 12 seats jumping kangaroo amusement ride details.

Customized jumping kangaroo service

Our factory has customized service, and you can customize jumping kangaroo ride’s size, color, logo, capacity, decorations, and so on. If you want 16 seats, 20 seats, and more seats jumping kangaroo amusement rides, we will meet your needs.

Then, we tell you 12 seats jumping kangaroo ride’s main parameter as a reference for you. In general, 12 seats jumping kangaroo amusement equipment’s area size is 8m, and its height is 4.5m. As you know 12 seats specification, you can think of what size jumping kangaroo ride you want according to your area size.

Best materials and professional product processes

Jumping kangaroo fairground ride appearance and kangaroo-shaped seats are made of 5mm FRP material. Moreover, its frame is made of Q235 steel. So the kangaroo jumping amusement rides are durable, smooth, and its appearance is bright.

Why is the ride’s color very bright for many years? Because we use best chines famous 3tree paint to draw its appearance and seats through 8 painting processes in workshop. In addition, we roast jumping kangaroo ride in 55° roast painting workshop. So our jumping kangaroo amusement attraction won’t fade for many years.

High-safety airbag seats

Importantly, our jumping kangaroo is a high safety equipment for children. Why? Because we use high safety airbag seats as jumping kangaroo amusement attraction seats. so when little children and their parents sit the ride, little children are safe. All in all, it is a best tool for you to earn money. If you want to know more details about kangaroo jumping rides, please contact us!


To sum up, our jumping kangaroo ride is high quality and durable, which is applicable for amusement parks, large shopping mall, children playground, and so on. Furthermore, we sell carousel ride, electric bumper car, trackless train ride, ride on train ride, flying chair ride, ferris wheel, roller coaster, go kart, trampoline park ride, etc. Know more details and latest price list, please contact us!

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