Our customer from USA bought trackless train rides for his amusement parks in in February 2023. Then, what styles and capacity trackless train rides did he buy? Where can he use these trackless train rides?

Now, please follow us to know about. If you have known his choice, you can make a good choice for your business well.

Firstly, he chose 16 seats small ride on train ride for his backyard.

He said that he was strong that he wanted to buy small ride on train ride for his children. Why? Because he hoped that his babies have a happy childhood.

Our small ride on train ride has small capacity: 16 seats, so it is suitable for his backyard. When his kids ride on the train with him, it will increase the relationship between his children and him. Moreover, his kids can invest their friends to sit small 16 seats ride on train ride in his backyard.

Secondly, he chose 40 seats tourist train ride for sale for carnival business.

He also chose 40 seats tourist train ride for sale for his business in carnival. Last month, he told us that he has a good benefit from this tourist train ride with 40 seats. When the carnival is coming, he will drive tourist train ride to the street or carnival activities. Then, this train ride painted by bright color and decorated with colorful LED lights, so it attracts more and more children and adults in carnival activities.

By the way, our customer would introduce our factory to his friend, who want to build an amusement park. Certainly, our professional park design group will help his friends to build an amusement park.

Thus, if you want to start an amusement train ride business, please choose our factory to buy train rides. Our factory, Dinis, is a professional amusement equipment There are all kinds of trackless train ride, track train ride, tourist train ride, and ride on train ride for sale.

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