Kiddie teacup amusement ride

  • Capacity: 10-15 children
  • Styles: bear, bee, etc.
  • Cups: 5 bear cups
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Our factory, Dinis, designs two styles kiddie teacup amusement ride: bear themed coffee up ride and bee themed mini cup ride. This two styles teacup rides are designed for 3-10 years old children.

Now, please follow us to know more details about these two styles tea cup rides.

Bear themed coffee up ride

This teacup ride has bear and cartoon image to decorate teacup ride, and its cup is made into bear shaped. So when children ride on it, they will feel they sit with bears, which are cartoon image that they like.

Bear themed coffee cup ride has 5 cups, so its capacity is 10-15 children. Besides, it has safety belts for children, so bear themed coffee cup ride is safe for children. What’s more, our bear style coffee cup amusement ride is made of 5mm fiberglass, and its frame is manufactured by Q235 steel.

Bee themed mini cup ride

Besides, bee themed mini cup ride one of small kiddie rides that can be used in family, mall, supermarket, children playground, etc.

This bee themed mini cup ride has small capacity: 4 cups, and per cup’s capacity is one child. Certainly, this style cup ride for sale has bees as its decorations. So bee theme mini cup ride is popular among 2-6 years old children. When little children sit on it, they will fee they are busy bees flying circle by circle.

Certainly, if you want to add more cups, our factory has a customized service. So we help you to add cups up to 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. Besides, our customized service includes cups numbers, color, logo, decoration, and so on.


Manufactured by fiberglass and painted by famous paint, our amusement park kiddie teacup rides for sale are durable and bright. Importantly, the price of these kiddie teacup amusement ride is affordable.

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