15x6m wholesale indoor playground equipment

  • Area size: 15*6m
  • Styles: customized
  • Materials: galvanized pipe, PVC, sponge, etc.
  • Playing items: spiral slide, ball pit, climbing net, bridge, etc.
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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For indoor playground equipment size, there are all kinds of large or small indoor playground for sale in Dinis factory. Now, we will introduce 15x6m wholesale indoor playground equipment. Our 15x6m wholesale indoor playground for sale is suitable for your commercial use. If you have a shopping mall or decide to rent a place to start an amusement ride business. We suggest you buy 15*6m indoor playground equipment.

Why to choose our 15*6m wholesale indoor playground for sale?

Because there are many features about our indoor playground equipment.

Firstly, our 15*6m naughty castle is suitable for 100 square meters area. If you have a 100 square meters place to do business, please start an indoor playground equipment business. Certainly, we can help you to customize indoor playground amusement ride according to your area size.

Secondly, 15*6m indoor playground ride consists of many equipment. Usually it has two parts. One part includes 6pcs bungee trampoline rides, and the other parts include spiral slide, ball pit, climbing net, bridge, etc. Importantly, if you want to change its items, our factory will help you to change.

Thirdly, our naughty castle is high quality. What materials do we use to produce inflatable castle? We use PVC material, stainless steel, sponge, pearl cotton, engineering plastics, etc. to manufacture indoor play ground ride. So it is durable and environmental friendly.

Fourthly, 15*6m indoor inflatable play center is a small investment but bring you big benefit. If you decide to start a small business, our 15*6m wholesale kiddie indoor playground equipment is suitable. Its investment is so low, and its income is so more.

3 designs of 15*6m indoor playground wholesale popular with children

Jungle-themed indoor playground

This vibrant and colorful jungle-themed indoor playground is most children’s favorite. It features a variety of play structures and elements that mimic a jungle environment. Therefore, the soft play area of jungle design promotes an adventurous and fun atmosphere.

forest theme PVC material indoor playground amusement equipment
forest theme indoor playground ride for sale at factory price
  • Structures such as sliders, tunnels, bridges, ball pits, etc., providing a variety of physical activities. The slides are of different lengths and shapes, offering children thrilling descent options. The tunnels also encourage crawling and exploration. While the bridges connect different parts of the soft playground, adding to the adventurous feel.

  • Besides, throughout the playground, there are numerous animal-themed decorations and features, such as giraffes, monkeys, and elephants. These decorations enhance the jungle theme. These figures are in a cartoon style, making them appealing and non-threatening to young children.

  • Last but not least, the entire children’s indoor playground is enclosed by green fences safety nets. These settings ensure the safety of the children while maintaining the immersive jungle experience.

Ocean theme indoor playground

Kids who like the sea really like this indoor playground design. The ocean adventure indoor playground creates a safe environment for ocean exploration.

  • On one side, there’s a large play structure resembling a shipwreck with multiple levels for climbing, sliding, and exploring. It’s adorned with oceanic details like fish, seaweed, and starfish. There are also slides that mimic waterfalls, providing a fun and swift way for kids to move from one level to the next.

  • In the center, there’s a spacious area with a soft, blue floor representing the sea. The area is surrounded by interactive games and activities. Kids can jump or sit on a series of small, round platforms.

  • Towards the rear, there’s an enclosed trampoline park area. Children can bounce freely in the area. In another corner, there is a ball pit that looks like oceanic environments. The numerous white and blue plastic balls in the ball pool playground could represent bubbles or pearls.

  • Last but not least, throughout the under the sea indoor playground, the walls and structures are decorated with vibrant sea life graphics. All of these create a dreamlike entertaining underwater atmosphere.

Candy indoor playground

This 15x6m wholesale indoor playground equipment of candy theme is designed for 3-10 years old. It is a four-layer family entertainment complex, featuring a series of fun play structures in bright colors.

children indoor playground ride for sale with slide, ball, etc

There are three lines of slides rides respectively in red, blue, and yellow. They promise a fast and exciting descent. In addition, there is a sign hanging over the slides. The sign is adorned with decorations like cakes and candies.

A ball pit play area is full of colorful balls. This area offers a safe and inviting space for kids to jump in, play, and socialize.

 Kiddy indoor play area in this design incorporates candy-striped playhouses reminiscent of shops or carnival stalls. The play house also adds a carnival atmosphere to the playground.

With various ramps, ladders, and netted climbing areas, the playground encourages kids to climb and explore, helping to develop their coordination and strength.

 Kids can crawl through transparent and solid tunnels. These tunnels help operators and parents keep an eye on the children.

The decor throughout the playground is candy-inspired, with elements that mimic the look of sweets, adding to the overall enchanting atmosphere.

Apart from the three indoor play area designs, we have other options. Also we offer customized service. Feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

Furthermore, if you are so strong that you can set up big indoor playground center, our factory will help you to customize 18*7m, 23*21m, and other area size playground. To sum up, we provide you all size wholesale indoor playground equipment.

What’s more, if you need other amusement rides: swing ride, carousel ride, bumper car, trackless electric train, self control plane, go kart, ferris wheel, ride on train, electric train ride, roller coaster, teacup ride, etc. for your indoor children center, we can provide. More details and latest price list, please contact us!

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