Mini roller coaster for sale

  • Type: mini shuttle & space shuttle
  • Capacity: 20 seats
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Applicable place: parks, backyard, scenic area, etc.

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Our company also design two styles kiddie roller coaster: mini shuttle and space shuttle amusement ride. This two style roller coaster is welcomed by 2-12 years old kids in amusement parks, carnival.

Mini shuttle

Our mini shuttle is a small kiddie ride that is suitable for your indoor or outdoor business. Firstly, our mini shuttle is mainly consist of 10 small cartoon cars and one 72 m track. In our factory, its cars are made of fiberglass, and its track is made of stainless steel. Then, its area size is about 16 *10m, and its track’s height is about 2m. So mini shuttle kiddie ride is applicable for carnival, kindergarten, shopping mall, children playground, etc.

Although its area size is not large, its capacity is 20 passengers. As these cartoon cars run on the track, children feel the joy of chasing each other with their friends. By the way, many customers from UK, America, Australia, India, Spanish, etc. got a good benefit by our mini shuttle. So if you build an theme park for kids, we suggest you purchase mini shuttle small roller coaster.


Space shuttle amusement ride

Space shuttle amusement ride with 20 seats is the other roller coaster designed for 2-12 years old children. This small roller coaster area size is 8*16m, which is suitable for any indoor and outdoor places. For its cabins, space shuttle ride has 10 cartoon cars like bumper cars. Besides, these cars with many colorful LED lights are made of fiberglass material, so it is durable and high quality.

Moreover, our space shuttle children ride’s voltage is 380v, and its power is 7.5kw. But you don’t worry, our space shuttle can be adjusted. And it is applicable for your country’s voltage: 110v, 220v, etc. Importantly, its cabins and track color can be customized in our factory. For example, you change its color or track color into pink, yellow, blue, colorful, green, red, and so on.


All in all, our mini shuttle and space shuttle amusement rides are best choice for your kiddie rides business.

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