36 seats animal merry go round

  • Type: animal carousel ride
  • Capacity: 36 seats
  • Seats: customized
  • Voltage: 380v/220v/110v
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Do you want to buy popular and interesting 36 seats animal merry go round? Please choose our company: Dinis. Our animal carousel ride for sale has novel style, attractive appearance, funny animal shape seats. Importantly, we are a professional amusement equipment factory, and we will give you wholesale price if you order.

More information about 36 seats animal carousel horse ride.

Driving mode: Our animal carousel ride is upper transmission equipment. In our factory, our 36 persons animal fun carousel ride is upper transmission, which is easy to maintain and repair. Certainly, our upper transmission animal merry go round ride for sale is high quality, and it won’t go wrong easily.

Area size: The area size of animal themed carousel merry go round ride with 36 seats is 12m*4mH. Thus, it is so big capacity that you’d better use it in big amusement parks, theme parks, big shopping mall, adventure park, scenic area, carnival, Christmas, and so on. Besides, this carousel with large capacity will make more money than small 12 seats carousel ride every time.

Materials: Our animal merry go round’s seats are made of 5mm fiberglass, and its frame is Q235 steel material. In addition, its floor is 10mm anti-corrosion wood. And its hanging pole and stirrup are stainless steel material. Moreover, its umbrella top is PVC material. All in all, we still use best materials to manufacture this carousel horse ride, so it is durable and high quality.

Production period: General speaking, we usually produce 36 seats animal merry go round about 15-20 days. Because we have our own factory that is 21,000 square meters and many professional workers to take part in different production processes. Thus, we make sure that our merry go round ride production is quick and its quality is high.

Customized service: if you want to customize animal shaped seats that you like, we help you to realize. First of all, you must know that our seats have tiger, rabbit, lion, cow, donkey, sheep, ostrich, and so on. When you order, please tell me your requirement.


Furthermore, we manufacture and export swing ride, other style carousel ride, bumper car, bungee trampoline, ferris wheel, go kart, roller coaster inflatable castle, etc. More details and latest price list, please contact us!

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