Pharaoh indoor roller coaster for sale

  • Capacity: 18 persons
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Speed: 8-13km/h
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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When you buy roller coaster ride for your amusement park, we suggest you purchase pharaoh indoor roller coaster for sale. Why is it suitable for your business? Now, please follow us to know our pharaoh indoor roller coaster ride manufactured in our factory.

There are some advantages of our pharaoh roller coaster ride.

Immersive Theme: Firstly, the pharaoh theme roller coaster ride adds a sense of mystery and adventure experience. Highlight the detailed themes, including Egyptian architecture, hieroglyphics, and artifacts, which can transport riders to an ancient world.

Suitable Capacity: Our pharaoh roller coaster with 18 seats can accommodate a good number of riders per hour. Thus it can help you manage crowds effectively in your park. Besides, its volume is 40HQ (12m).

All-Weather Attraction: Our pharaoh indoor roller coasters manufactured by FRP material are not weather-dependent. Therefore, it is an attractive option for amusement parks looking to provide entertainment regardless of outdoor or indoor conditions.

Year-Round Operation: Not affected by the season, our fiberglass indoor pharaoh roller coaster can operate throughout the year, increasing its revenue potential and providing visitors with a reliable attraction in your amusement park or big shopping mall.

Thrilling Experience: The 18 persons pharaoh roller coaster indoor kiddie ride twists, turns, drops at the spend of 8-13km/h, which gives riders thrilling and challenge experience.

Family-Friendly Ride: Our 18 seats pharaoh roller coaster is designed to be family-friendly equipment. So it’s suitable for a wide range of ages, allowing parents and children to enjoy the ride together.

Investment Return: The fiberglass unique pharaoh indoor roller coaster for sale can lead to a strong return for you. For example, one parent with one child need pay 25 dollars, and you can earn 225 dollars per time. Then, if your pharaoh coaster ride runs 6 times, and you will earn 1350 dollars. To sum up, it will brings you a big benefit.


All in all, there are pharaoh style, penguin style, wacky worm style, shark style, mini style roller coaster rides for sale in our factory. Besides, as a manufacturer with 20-year experience, we not only design roller coaster, but also carousel ride, go kart, pendulum ride, trackless train ride, track train ride, trampoline ride, teacups ride, ferris wheel, etc. Knowing more details and latest price list, please feel free to contact us!

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