10x5m kids indoor playground for sale

  • Area size: 10*5m
  • Styles: customized
  • Materials: galvanized pipe, PVC, sponge, etc.
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Applicable place: parks, mall, scenic area, etc.

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Our factory especially designs many styles indoor playgrounds for 3-12 years old kids. Certainly, there are several large or small sizes indoor playgrpound equipment for sale in Dinis, including 10*5m, 15*6m, 15*8.75m, 15*10m, 16*10m, 18*12m, 18*17m, 23*21m, etc.  But, today, please follow us to know 10x5m kids indoor playground for sale.

More details about 10x5m kids indoor playground for sale

Items: Our 10x5m kids indoor playground’s items can include slide, tunnel, ball pit, swing, bridge, climbing structures, soft play area, pony turntable, trampoline, etc. There are many items for your choice, so you can choose items that you need.

Materials: Different items are manufactured by different materials. Kids indoor playground structure is made of Q235 steel, stainless steel. Besides, we use galvanized pipe, PVC soft leather, sponge, pearl cotton, engineering plastics, and other materials. And these materials are used to produce children indoor playground equipment.

Applicable area: The venue of the kids indoor playground for sale is applicable to various indoor and outdoor places. Such as shopping mall, children playground, kindergartens, parks, hotels, tourist resorts, water parks, etc.

Price: According to different material properties, the price of children indoor playground with different styles ranges from tens of dollars square meter to hundreds of dollars per square meter in the amusement equipment market. But our company has a 20,000 square meters factory and we manufacture kiddie inflatable castle in our workshops. So we can give you wholesale price if buying it from our factory.

Styles: 10*5m kids indoor playground for sale is cartoon style. What’s more, there are all kinds of popular styles indoor playground for sale, including sea themed, forest adventure style, cartoon style, animal style, etc. in our factory.

Customization: You only need to tell us your area size. Then, we can customize indoor playground ride for your area size. For example, if you need 10*5m, 18*12m, 23*21m, etc., we can help you to customize. Importantly, our professional designers provide you free CAD picture before production.


Furthermore, as a professional and strong manufacturer, Dinis produces other amusement rides. If you need non-powered equipment, we provide you water slide, rainbow slide, inflatable bounce house, etc.

Certainly, if you need mechanical ride for sale, we also provide you carousel ride, bumper car, teacup ride, track train, electric train, trackless train, disco tagada, ferris wheel, roller coaster, go kart, pendulum ride, and so on. More details and latest price list, please contact us!

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