16 seats ocean carousel

  • Type: sea merry go round
  • Capacity: 16 seats
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel
  • Voltage: 380v/220v/110v

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16 seats ocean carousel is one of hot sale amusement rides in our company. This sea merry go round’s design idea is from ocean world the kiddie like. In fact, as our 16 seats ocean carousel ride occur in the amusement equipment market, it is popular with children, young generation, etc.

More details about 16 seats ocean carousel ride for sale in Dinis

Area size and color:

Our 16 persons sea carousel’s area size is 7m*5.2m, and its appearance is blue color. Besides, it seats are sea animals, including seahorses, dolphins, etc. These ocean animal seats’ color is blue, yellow, purple, and so on, which is very applicable for shopping mall, amusement park, theme park, resort hotel, scenic area, seaside, etc.

Materials and decorations:

Ocean carousel ride for sale is made of 5 mm fiberglass. And its decoration on the cornice is made of fiberglass, too. Besides, 16 passengers sea carousel ride cornice has many small ocean themed decorations: dolphin, seahorse, starfish, shells, waves, etc. and colorful LED lights. All in all, its appearance is very attractive and beautiful.


Are our sea world carousel ride with 16 seats suitable for the voltage in your country? We will tell you, yes. In general, the voltage of 16 persons merry go round with sea style is 380v, but it can be adjusted. Then, we will make it being suitable for your voltage in your country like 220v, 110v.


How long time can you use our 16 passengers sea carousel merry go round ride for sale? According to our research from our customers and our testing, our 16 seats ocean carousel amusement ride lifetime is about 8-10 years. Certainly, if you maintain it very careful in daily, its lifespan will longer than 10 years.


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