3 horse carousel for sale

  • Type: small carousel ride
  • Capacity: 3 seats
  • Styles: customized
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Materials: fiberglass & Q235 steel

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3 horse carousel for sale is a small amusement ride that is suitable for indoor children playground, mall, store, kindergarten, family, store, etc. Our 3 horse indoor carousel for sale is made of 6-8 layers fiberglass material. So its appearance is smooth and horses & appearance decorations are durable.

Why do more and more customers choose our 3 horse indoor merry go round for sale?

Please follow us to get reasons and more details about it.

Popular styles: 3 seats indoor merry go round for sale has vintage style, luxury style, sea style, coin op style, European style, commercial style, animal theme, and so on. Then, you can choose suitable style carousel ride according to your needs.

Wide range of applications: Next, our 3 horse carousel for sale is designed for children, so its area size is only 1.5m*1.5m. Then, its height is 2.6m. So it can be conveniently used in many indoor areas. For examploe, you use 3 persons merry go round ride as a gift for your babies. And it will occur in your home, garden, backyard. Besides, as you use it for a business, it occurs in shopping mall, store, indoor kids park, etc.

High quality: our 3-seat carousel indoor ride for sale is made of 5mm fiberglass, which is high quality and durable. So due to its high quality, this small horse’s weight limit is 60-80kg, and adults also ride on it.

LED lights & music: Besides, our 3 horse indoor carousel for sale has colorful LED lights and fiberglass decorations. So when the small indoor carousel ride for sale rotates with colorful LED lights and popular music, it easily catches kiddie eyes.


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