How many types bumper car rides do you have?

There are all kinds of bumper car rides for sale, including electric bumper car, battery bumper car, inflatable dodgem car, bumper boat ride, and so on.

How to make bumper car amusement park ride in your factory?

In our factory, we use fiberglass material to manufacture car body, and we use Q235 steel to make the frame of bumper car amusement park ride. Besides, we make bumper car amusement park ride by professional technology in our workshop.

How much does it cost to buy dodgems car rides?

My friends, we are a reliable 20-year amusement rides manufacturer, so we will give you wholesale price. In addition, we always hold promotion activities, and you can save money if you buy bumper car during our promotion activities.

What’s the size of per bumper car ride?

Not only electric bumper car ride but also battery bumping car ride are same size car. Its size is 1.9*1.15*0.85m.

How long can we get the bumper car carnival rides?

In general, we will spend 15-20 days to make amusement park bumper cars. Then, we will delivery them for shipping to you. All in all, you don’t worry, you will quickly get the bumper car carnival rides.

How many batteries of your battery dodgem car?

For our battery dodgem car ride, it has 2 pieces 12v 80A lead acid batteries or lithium batteries. Importantly, our battery bumper car rides charge quickly and safely.

How long do we need to charge battery bumper car ride?

General speaking, you need to charge battery dashing car rides about 8-10 hours. Then, it can operate about 6-8 hours.

Whether your company can customize dodgem cars ride as my required and pit my logo on?

Yes, you can customize bumper car ride for sale in our factory. All of our bumper cars are designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern, logo, and so on.