How to transport pirate ship ride in your company?

My friends, we usually transport our pirate ship ride by shipping. You need to tell us your address as you order, and we will help you to calculate shipping cost from our country to you nearby port. All in all, the shipping is very quick and reliable.

What’s the voltage of pirate ship ride? Is its voltage suitable for our country?

Our pirate ship ride’s voltage is 220v or 380v. But you don’t worry, and our pirate ship ride is applicable for all voltages including 110v-130v, 220v-240v, 380v, etc. all around the world.

How to install amusement park pirate ship ride in our park? Is it difficult?

We will send you installation video or installation guide when you receive amusement park pirate ship ride. So you don’t worry its installation. In general, the installation of amusement park pirate ship ride isn’t difficult.

What capacity pirate ship amusement ride do you sell?

There are large pirate ship ride, medium pirate ship and mini pirate ship ride for sale in our factory. The capacity includes 8-12 passengers, 24 persons, 40 seats, etc. Besides, if you need to customize large pirate ship ride, our factory will help you to customize its size and capacity according to your needs.

What is the swing angle of small or large pirate ship ride for sale?

As we know different size pirate ship amusement park rides has different swing angles. For our 40 seats large pirate ship ride, its swing angle is 60 degree. And our 24 passengers amusement pirate ship ride’s swing angle is 50 degree. More details, please contact us to know.

What’s the speed of your pirate ship attraction?

Large pirate ship fairground ride will swing at the speed of 11.3m/s, and small pirate ship kiddie ride will swing at the speed of 8.3m/s. Besides, our mini pirate ship ride for children will swing slowly than large one.