As a professional amusement train rides manufacturer, we design and export many popular train amusement rides every year. Today, please follow us to know top 5 sale amusement train rides for sale in our factory.

Antique train ride

Do you want to buy popular train amusement ride for your theme park? Now, we suggest you buy our antique train ride. Why? Because our vintage train ride for sale is like real train, which is attractive.

There are 16-70 seats antique train amusement rides for sale in our factory, so you can choose a suitable one for your amusement park. Importantly, this vintage color train ride for sale is painted by vintage color and decorated with led lights and vintage decorations. Thus, it is very nostalgic. When children and adults ride on it, they feel back to the ancient time to ride on real stem train.

Thomas steam train ride

Besides, if you want to start a business in the shopping mall, we suggest you choose our kids Thomas steam train ride.

In our factory, Thomas steam train ride can be made into two types: trackless and track. If you need a trackless train ride, you choose Thomas style steam trackless train ride. But if you have rented a place, you can purchase Thomas steam train ride with track.

Nest, maybe you will want to know Thomas train’s capacity. However, you don’t worry. whatever capacity Thomas style train amusement rides, we can provide you.

Ride on train ride with track

Do you see ride on train ride with track in the scenic area? We guess that you have seen ride on train ride with track in scenic area. Then, do you want to buy ride on track train ride for your scenic spot?

Our ride on train ride with track is made of Q235 steel and other best materials. For its track, you can customize its track shape and length. Besides, for its capacity, you can customize 10 seats, 17 seats, 24 seats, 30 seats, 40 seats, and so on. in our factory.

By the way, our ride on train ride with track has battery operated and electric. All in all, you choose battery ride on train ride with track or electric track train ride freely in our company according to your needs.

Christmas Santa train ride

We specially design christmas santa train ride for christmas and carnival. Thus, if you plan to do a train ride business in christmas or carnival, please buy our Christmas Santa train ride for sale. In general, there are 16 seats christmas santa train ride for kiddie and large 40 seats red color christmas train ride for adults.

My friends, please look at the picture of 16 seats christmas santa train ride for kiddie. This style train ride designed for christmas is decorated with santa, christmas tree, snow on its top or appearance. So it is so cute and beautiful, which catches kiddie eyes easily. Besides, christmas train ride can be made into trackless and track.

Tourist amusement park train ride

Sightseeing tourist amusement park train ride is our top sale amusement train rides. Why is it popular among businessmen?

Because our tourist amusement park train ride manufactured with 5mm fiberglass, Q235 steel, and other best materials, which is durable. And they can use it for many years.

Importantly, if businessmen invest this tourist train rides, it will bring more income for businessmen during many years. Furthermore, it is applicable for any places, including children playground, scenic area, waking street, featured town, resort hotel, amusement parks, seaside, school, etc.

If you want to know other amusement equipment for sale in our factory, please contact us to get a catalogue. Certainly, if you want to know more details and latest price list about amusement train rides, please leave a message.