There are many top sale indoor amusement rides for sale in our factory, which has build more than 20 years. However, today, we introduce you top 3 sale indoor amusement rides for sale. That include 16 seats colorful carousel amusement ride, 24 seats tourist trackless train ride, electric dodgem car in our company.

16 seats colorful carousel amusement ride

With the development of amusement rides market, our factory designs a 16 seats new carousel amusement ride.

This new themed carousel horse ride has 16 seats, and its area size is 7m*7m*5.7m. So it is applicable for amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, Christmas, children playground, shopping mall, and so on.

The new style colorful carousel amusement ride with 16 seats is decorated with cute and colorful decorations. Besides, its appearance is painted by colorful colors and decorated with many colorful LED lights. So wherever you use it, it easily catches children eyes. Moreover, if you want to customize 16 persons merry go round’s color, size, capacity, logo, and others, our factory meets your requirement.

24 seats tourist trackless train ride

In addition to carousel ride for sale, our trackless train rides are popular and hot selling at home and abroad. But the top sale among these our train amusement equipment is 24 seats tourist trackless train ride.

Firstly, our 24 seats tourist train ride has popular styles: vintage style, sea styles, thomas style, and so on. So you choose tourist train ride’s themes according to your like.

Secondly, 24 seats tourist trackless train ride for sale is made of 5mm fiberglass, Q235 steel, and other materials. Thus, its quality is high and its appearance is so smooth and durable.

Thirdly, tourist trackless train amusement ride with 24 seats has two types: battery or diesel. In general, you can use our 12 pcs 6v 200A batteries tourist train ride in your theme parks. However, if the electricity in your country is high price, you can choose diesel trackless tourist train ride for your amusement parks.

Electric dodgem car

The top 3 sale amusement attractions also include electric dodgem car. As we all know, electric dodgem car ride is bumper car that rotates on the electric ground. So it is called ground grid bumper car ride.

Where can you use electric dodgem car amusement ride for sale? My friends, our electric bumper car rides, whose size is 1.9*1.15*0.85m, are applicable for amusement parks, theme parks, indoor shopping mall, funfair, etc. In these places, our bumper car electric rides are popular both children and adults.

Importantly, our bumper car electric amusement ride is manufactured by 5mm FRP gel cost material. So you will find our electric dodgem car rides are durable and their appearance is smooth. And they can’t go wrong easily.

Moreover, our electric bumper car fun rides have 2 seats that are suitable for children and their parents ride on together. As children and their parents ride on electric dodgems car ride, it not only make them feel thrilled and interested, but enhance parent-child relationship.

Furthermore, especially these three top sale rides, we have other amusement park rides that are popular with children and adults. Other fairground rides include swing ride, self control bee bicycle, track train ride, ride on train ride, go kart, teacup ride, kiddie ferris wheel, roller coaster, pendulum ride, disco tagada ride, pirate ship ride, trampoline ride, inflatable castle, and so on. Know more details and latest price list, please contact us!